It was a real pleasure to collaborate with the Cream Prime project on their trip to Megabi Skate in Ethiopia. The delivery of various boards and skateboards brought big smiles and loads of hope to some children in real need.

Megabi Skate was founded in 2005 by Israel Dejene, a passionate skater who watched how some kids were gliding down their neighborhood with a plastic attached to the bottom of their shoes. He saw an opportunity to empower them and do something to develop their self-esteem, confidence and offering an alternative lifestyle to deprived kids from the streets.

Israel began using his only skateboard to train children and opened his house to create a safe space for them to skate. They built the first skate ramp in Ethiopia.
The Megabi Skate movement that began so small, quickly became a worldwide inspiration. A story of hope through skateboarding. “I want these children to see what they can achieve, not to focus on what the lack of things they’ve got. I want to see them reaching their dreams.”

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