About us

Our company

Miller was born out of our passion as board riders.

Our way of life, everything that surrounds and inspires us: the beach, the mountains, the sea, art, music, friends, surfing, snowboarding; and above all, skateboarding! All these elements combine to make up the essence and soul of Miller.

We share our passion & experience with you because, like us, you love skating, you love choice; you appreciate quality and design. You were cast in the same mould as us. You understand the need to make the very most of everything: even something as simple as hitting the streets with your friends and skating.

Our team


It is this spirit that breathes life into Miller Division. Miller prides itself on being a skateboard and longboard brand where every minute detail is carefully thought out in order to place the result of all of our experience and enthusiasm at your feet. We project our essence into every one of our designs and shapes.

We do so, because you are Miller too!


Baby Miller is Retro, small and strong skates for an authentic skiing experience, straight from the 70s and 80s. Redeven the old-fashioned skateboard addicted with the Baby Miller collection! A retro style for a wide practice: ramp, carving, cruising, slalom, no limit!

by Arthur Smith (Miami)

With SurfSkate Miller Division Nothing is Impossible... #Surfskate #Surf Surfer/Skater.

By Angel Calvo (Cadiz)