Our global skate company, represented in 39 countries, believes in generating a positive impact on the lives we touch across the world, while minimizing, controlling, and reducing our impacts on the environment.

A global environmental crisis.

Our growing skateboarding community of 18 million amateur and professional skateboarders widely spread across the world, is contributing to deforestation becoming a major threat to maple forest ecosystems. Canadian maple trees take from 40 to 60 years to mature before they can be cut down and made into skate decks. The skateboarding industry is currently consuming more maple than furniture industry worldwide.

The great environmental crisis we are experiencing is a major issue we all must face. Global consumption, production, and transportation habits, are contributing to the rising of temperatures, deforestation, green-house gas emissions, and 15 tons of plastic trash dumped into our oceans every minute, defragmenting and disseminating all over our marine environment . No scientist doubts about climate change, and how it’s affecting to more than 1 million species provoking a massive extinction. It’s time to take action.


Our response towards a healthier planet

Miller Green Division is our action plan that involves our people, our products, and the natural places that inspire us.

Our people

We promote actions to green our own home, and share that culture of sustainability with our workers, supply chain, customers, and end users.

Our products

We make durable goods, utilizing greener materials and manufacturing processes.

We are using compostable or recyclable packaging, recycling scrap, etc.

100% of the wood used by Miller Skateboards originates from responsibly harvested wood that meets the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC A000504). FCS certification confirms that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring it sustains economic viability.

Miller’s cold-press wood takes longer time to produce, more hand labor, and it’s more expensive than other industrial systems, but it’s also more energy efficient, more ecological, and guarantees better properties on all our skateboard decks.


Planting trees to protect forestall ecosystems was the first step to ensuring reforestation of the wood we use. But a brand like Miller Division with surfing in its DNA, asmost of our riders and workers are also surfers, is taking a committed step to collaborate in the protection of the ocean and its surf environments. Places such as the first Surf Reserves of Spain near our headquarters inspired us since our early origins. Therefore, we created Miller x the Ocean, a project that goes beyond goes beyond an eco-friendly collection, recycling old boards, reusing scraps and wastes or avoid the single-use plastics. Miller Division will donate part of its profits to Surf & Nature Alliance to support their international marine environment conservation programs and the creation of Surf Reserves and Marine Protected Areas around the world. Discover and follow them @surfnaturealliance


Stay tuned for new updates in our Green Division!